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Get Wide Range of EDTA Products from Shivam Agro Industries

Shivam Agro Industries is a company that is known for manufacturing top class EDTA products since its introduction in the market in 2010-2011. The industry of Ethylene Diamine Tetra Sceto Acetic Acid or EDTA products is very good because few companies have the capability of providing such a high quality items in the market like we do. We also have a wide range of other chemical products as per the requirements of our individual clients.

Wide Range of Products

The company was founded by Mr. Anil Patel and Mr. Dilip Patel. We have a cumulative expertise in the matter of controlling complex chemical reactions. This is the reason we can get the top leading position of this industry within this short period after our introduction. We are solely dedicated towards manufacturing chemicals as well as specialty products.

Our Goals

Our main goals are to supply high quality products to our clients as per their requirements and keeping the cost of those items as low as possible so that our clients can enjoy having them from us. Having the manufacturing unit located in Gujrat we can have some of the best work force of the country; skilled labors and experienced supervisors.

Few Words about EDTA

EDTA is a name that is commonly given to various products that can be manufactured from ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid. However, these products have different chemical formulas with same basic product which is known as EDTA. The basic task of all these products is same; they are mainly formulated in order to remove metals. Nonetheless the purposes are different in case of different products.

  • Industrial grade EDTA can be for removing metals from batteries and other practical purposes.
  • Food grade EDTA is useful for removing metallic components from various food products.
  • Pharmaceutical Grade EDTA is used to remove metals like mercury, calcium, lead and others from organs cardiovascular system of our body through some medicines.

Some of the Widely Used EDTA Products

EDTA Tetrasodium: This is used in various industries because of its great features. EDTA Tetrasodium is mainly used as cleaning agent in industries like Agriculture, Industrial & Household cleaning detergents, Building & Construction, Food Preservation, Feed Additives, Gas Sweetening, Food Fortification, Metal Plating, Oil Industry and Electronics, and many more others.

EDTA Tetrasodium

EDTA Calcium: The wide range of EDTA Calcium products are used in pharmaceuticals, agricultural and Horticulture fields. These products are involved in nitrogen metabolism. It is good for both human and plants.

EDTA Calcium

Some Other Products

Glycine Amino Acid Chelates: These chelates have a metal ion that consist iron, magnesium, Zinc, manganese, copper, and calcium. They are used in fertilizers, food supplements and nutrients.

Ferrous Sulphate Dried: These products are also used in agricultural products, animal feeds and micronutrient products. They are pure and effective for all these purposes.

Dried Ferrous Sulphate

EDTA and other specialty products are very common in agricultural, chemical and other industries where they need to keep their products free from extensive rate of metals. They are tested by the skilled professionals to ensure the high quality as per the requirements of the buyers.

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